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Eat Like a Local

Great places to eat around Korea.

Eat Like a Local: Eomma Ttukbaegi in Centum

Located in Centum, Eomma Ttukbaegi (Mom's Earthen Bowls) is cleverly somewhere between casual and fancy. Deulkkae yeongyangjjim is a must try if you like healthy food.

Eat Like a Local: Brunch with Me, Sunshine – Maison de Mare in Songjeong

Maison de Mare is a sun-drenched paradise, and even on a rainy day, the view is beautiful and romantic. Their homemade style food, brunch, salad, pizza and tongasu will add to your happy memories.

Eat Like a Local: Hot Stuff for a Hot Game – Oryukdo Nakji at...

Baseball and octopus. They go together, well, like baseball and octopus. But there's no denying a good bowl of nakji-bokkeum before a big game is a great way to start your night.

Eat Like a Local: One of the Best Bokguk – Halmaejib Wonjo Bokguk

This great bokguk restaurant has been run for more than 50 years over two generations. If you are lucky, you might be sitting next to actors or actresses during BIFF.

Busan Bites: Dongbaek’s Sushi Berry Fills Your Sushi Craving

A little off-the-beaten tourist path, but well-known to locals, Sushi Berry has been at the top of sushi lovers list of places to go since its opening a few years ago.

Eat Like a Local: Three Great Places to Get Odaeng in Busan

People from all over the country descend on the hundreds of restaurants and food stalls citywide for one of Busan's most famous treats.

Eat Like a Local: Sorae, Expats Favorite BBQ by the Beach

Sorae, which is part of a chain of meat restaurants, has earned a large following with local expats and Koreans alike.

Eat Like a Local: Busanjin Market-Goers’ Favorite – Maeul Bunsik

Located in the alley behind Busanjin Market, Maeul Bunsik offers inexpensive and very delicious food. Dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle) and gimbap is by far the locals' favorite.

Eat Like a Local: Have a Steamy Date – Shabuya on Damaji Hill

Lovers of Shabu Shabu have made it into an all-season meal. Shabuya on Dalmaji Hill provides a great ambience, delicious food and a great night out for a date, family or gathering of friends.

Eat Like a Local: Time for Happy Summer Memories – Aroi Thai

Aroi Thai is may be a little off the beaten path, but the effort to find it and sample their delicious dishes is well worth the effort for Thai food lovers.

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