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Busan, South Korea
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Busan Bars & Clubs

New, fancy British pub in Busan

The New Malden is a new, fancy British pub in Busan. Located in one of the city's most lively districts, near two important universities, the...

Thursday Party PNU Opens

The Overview

You can expect more of the same from the new PNU Thursday Party, which caters to a young, eclectic mix of Koreans and expats. Thursday Party stands out for their unique charm, quality service and hip atmosphere amongst the Korean cool.

Busan’s Beer Essentials

From an expanding line of imports, to great brews cooked up right here in Korea, the ROK has finally joined the rest of the...

The Back Room: A Night Out of Busan in Busan

Of those who have been to The Back Room and its restaurant Tap n' Tapas in Haeundae, all will agree: there is nothing else...

247 Tower at Haeundae Beach: All you Need for a Night Out in One...

 It's become somewhat cliche for a business to say we've got everything you need in one place, but for 247 Tower in Haeundae, they...

Jake & The Slut ALBUM RELEASE! 12.20 – Club Realize w. Robscenity and The...

The moment has arrived! After (a few too many) months of blood, sweat, and whisky, Jake and the Slut's eponymous debut album is ready to...

Jazz in Busan

Some cities are indelibly bound to a specific style of music—Chicago has the blues, Detroit has Motown, Nashville has country, Vienna has classical and...

Enter BuSandman and Genius at CLUB OZ in Seomyeon

This Friday the 13th, come on out to OZ Club in Seomyeon for some brain splitting METAL.  Busan's own Enter BuSandman is back with a vengeance with a new lead axeman that is sure to impress.  This is a huge venue that easily fits 500 people, with awesome sound, a great stage and lighting, a very professional set up.  Always there is a cover charge here, but do to the owner's love of Metallica, we've managed to allow our friends and fans to see us this FRIDAY with NO COVER charge.  The show is a part of a 3 days heavy music festival at OZ, where people can pay to see a whole slew of bands as a package, so contact the club if you're interested.    GENIUS kicks off the night at 9pm, to be followed by Enter BuSandman.  Don't miss out!



Crossroads Changes Hands, but the Memories will Forever Remain

Well, the clock says it's time to close now
I guess I'd better go now
I'd really like to stay here all night
The cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes
Street lights share their hollow glow
Your brain seems bruised with numb surprise
Still one place to go
Still one place to go   

The Doors- Soul Kitchen

Review: The Doors Pub in Jinhae


JINHAE, South Korea -- Nestled in Jinhae there's a little bar well worth a visit. I stumbled upon it some time ago and it has since become my local watering hole. A home away from home. Those who have been to Jinhae, or happen to live here, may have missed it, which is easy to do. Jinhae isn't exactly known for its nightlife, but moreso for its cherry blossoms and being the seat of South Korean naval power on the peninsula.

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