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Busan Writing Group Now Meeting Sundays in Seomyeon

If you are an aspiring writer in the Busan area who would appreciate input from others like yourself, but cannot make the Wednesday night meetings in Oncheonjang, then here is some good news.  Starting March 29th, BWG will meet every other Sunday at the Angel-in-us cafe near Seomyeon yeok’s exit 7 at 3 pm.  The group decided to hold this extra meeting to include more people, and if it is well-attended, then there can be a meeting every Sunday.

Before each meeting, members can post their writing samples on the group’s Google Drive to be printed and have constructive criticisms written on them by other members.  The corrected paper drafts will then be given to their authors at the meetings with face-to-face discussion.

BWG welcomes all kinds of writing, from scholarly to fictional, so anyone who wants to show their draft to others before submitting it to an editor is encouraged to participate.

Check out BWG’s webpage or Facebook page, then write

Here is the chance to make your dream of publication come true!



About Hal Swindall

A California native, Hal Swindall received his PhD in comparative literature from UC Riverside and has wandered East Asia as a vagabond prof ever since. He teaches English conversation, writing and presentation skills at Woosong University in Daejeon.

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