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Busan Transportation Corporation vs. Changwon City

The almighty Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club host Changwon City in their final regular season game. It was surely with a sly grin that the footballing Gods saw fit to give Busan their hated local rivals in the last game of the regular season. Even still, who could have guessed when the fixture list was announced all those months again that it would turn out to be such a crucial game? Both teams currently reside in the top 6, which cover the playoff spots and will be looking to secure their berth in the post season extravaganza. 3rd or 4th place is good enough to ensure a home game in the first round of the play offs. The coveted 2nd spot would mean a bye in the first round and a guaranteed home tie in the semi finals.

I hereby propose a radical motion to pre-game before this prestigious occasion! Let's dine at Bombay Indian Restaurant ( in Nampo from 12 noon. 

We will then proceed to the hallowed turf of the Gudeok to sing the Transport home, on what truly promises to be a magnificent occasion.

Kick off is 3pm, entry is FREE.

*** New folks ***

Welcome! Busan Transport are a semi-professional team who play in the National League, the second tier of Korean football. They play smart football and have a never-say-die attitude which often results in some great entertainment. Entrance for all of their games are FREE, and you are welcome to bring in as much food and alcohol as you can carry. The club have made our expat following very welcome, appointing one of our crew as "Club Ambassador" with his own cardboard cut-out, as well as lifts home on the team bus from away games, and even dinner with the team on the way! We have a core of regulars who like to make some noise with the aid of megaphones, vuvuzelas and drums, not to mention the special assistance from the drunk businessmen with their boxes full of soju!

Directions to Gudeok Stadium are as follows: Take Line 1 to Dongdaesin (stop 108). Come out of Exit 2, follow the direction of the staircase and walk up the street for about 5 min. "You can't miss it".



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