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? Period: November 17 ~ 20, 2011
? Venue: BEXCO
? Opening Hours: 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.
? Tickets: 3,000 won for all 
? For more info.: 051)740-7705
? Website:


Busan International Tea & Craft Fair

? Period: November 17 ~ 20, 2011
? Venue: BEXCO
? Opening Hours: 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.
? Tickets: 3,000 won for all 
? For more info.: 051)740-7705
? Website:


  November 17 [ Thurs. ] ~ 20[ Sun. ] 2011, (4days)

  Convention Hall(3), BEXCO, BUSAN

  130 Exhibitors (Domestic and Oversea Exhibitors), 200 Booths

  Busan International Tea & Craft Fair Organizing Committee

  Messe Korea Inc.

?Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
?Ministry of Knowledge Economy
?Korea Tourism Organization
?Busan Metropolitan City
?Icheon City, Boseong county, Hadong county
?Federation of Korean Tea Masters society
?Korea Tea culture Association
?The Korean Tea Society
?The Korean DaDo Association, Korea Tea Culture Association
?Yeungnam Cooperative Corporation
?Boseong Tea Incorporation
?Korea Craft Promotion Foundation
?Korea Craft
?Korea Tea Producer Incorporation
?MyungWon Cultural Foundation
?Busan Women ' s College
?Boseong Tea Producer Cooperative Incorporation
?Gyongsangnam-do Craft Cooperative
?Daegu&Gyoungbuk Craft Cooperative
?Some are to be decided


Educational Conference: Seminar, Tea Culture Lecture, Meeting with Author

Specials: Tea supplies and accessories, Craftwork Art, Tea-Stone-Flower Art., Beautiful Stores

Events: Korean Tea Ceremony Etiquette, Tea Music concert, Tea and Meditation, Tea Interior


Tea Exhibit


  • Popular Teas: Green Tea, white Tea, Yellow Tea, Blue Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea, Traditional Tea.
  • Korean Medicine Tea, Flower Tea, Oriental Herbal Tea., Tea Substitutes.
  • Western Tea, Coffee, Cocoa .


Ingredient products


  • Tea drinks, Tea Cosmetics, Green Tea Facial Mask (Cosmetic), Tea Ice-cream, Green tea-Eaten-pig, Tea Noodle, Tea Ramyan Noodle, Ice-Green Tea Noodle.

Tea Ware & Crafts

  • Tea Sets , Tea supplies, Tea Accessories, Tea Shake Sets, Tea Bowls, Tea Pots, Tea Plates, Tea Tables, Tea Table Clothes, Tea storage.
  • Crafts: Ceramic Art, Natural Dyes and Related Products, Wooden Crafts, Lacquer Ware Products, Textile Art, Korean Traditional Quilt.

Tea-related equipment

  • Equipment, Tea vacuum packing machine, Tea Packing Machine, Distribution, Tea storage, Green Tea Vending Machine etc.

Craftwork Exhibit



  • Tea Utensils: Tea Pottery, Cleaning Bowl, Cooling Bowl, Tea Kettle, Tea Cup, Tea clothes, Tea Spoon, Korean Traditional pottery (Ong-Gi).
  • Textile Art: Natural dyes, Various Quilt cloth, Table-cloth, Korean Quilt.
  • Craftwork Art: Wood, Metal, Stone, Silver, Glass, Jewelry, Beads Korean traditional paper, Korean Traditional style, Modern style
  • Others: Traditional Decoupage, Home-decoration Art, Folk Art, Porcelains Art.

Equipment & Materials

  • Craftwork Art Materials and accessories, Package, Distribution and storage-related equipment.

Herb Exhibit

  • Herb Tea, Aroma Therapy, Herb Cosmetics, Aromatic products, Flower pots, Herb Garden etc.

Baked foods and 
cookie Exhibit booth

  • Rice Cake, Korean Traditional Cookie, Korean Traditional Fried Cookies, Korean Dried Cookie and Nuts, Chocolate, Cookies.

Tea Testing Booth

  • Tea Music, Tea Calligraphy, Picture, Folktale, Calligraphy, Han-Buk (Korean Traditional Costume with accessories.)

Home-Decoration Booth

  • Tea Room Interior. Tea Room Furniture, Korean-Traditional Antic Furniture, Tea Table, Table-lights, Interior Deco Items, Tea-Stone-flower, Wild flowers, Incense Burner, Incense.

Oversea Exhibit


  • China , Japan , Taiwan etc Foreign participants.


Exhibiting Inquires

Exhibition Organizer
1500 BEXCO (office 2-210), Woo-dong, HaeUndae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea 
TEL : 82-51-740-7705~6      FAX : 82-51-740-7708
Website :





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