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Busan Global Center to start mobile counseling service


Busan Global Center is starting a mobile counseling service to try to better find solutions to problems faced by foreigners by visiting an area where many of them live. On the 3rd Sunday of every month, starting June 19th, at the plaza next to the main entrance to Renecite, Sasang-gu from 3pm to 7pm, all the consultants of the Busan Global Center Call Center will be there to provide a free counseling service, to help foreign residents by providing advice and assistance in 7 different languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian and Uzbek. Counseling on various fields including labor issues, matters of law, overseas remittances and cellular phone subscriptions. This service is provided to ease difficulties faced by foreigners living in Korea who have no time to visit Busan Global Center due to business or other personal reasons.

Reference: 051-668-7905




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