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Busan Gijang Anchovy Festival

As a symbol of the fact that the festival is held by the sea, the Gijang Anchovy Festival begins with a fishermen’s parade around the port while carrying nets and other fishing equipment, while the fishermen themselves dress up in traditional fishing outfits which are white Hanbok. Gijang Anchovy Festival also offers rich seafood dishes, and visitors can enjoy the most fresh anchovy hoe (raw fish) in the area during its peak season. Pickled anchovy with seaweed is also a popular dish, and cuttlefish and cutless fish are also popular spring catches of Daebyeonhang. An outdoor food market offers a variety of hoe (raw fish) dishes, soups, and baked foods at moderate prices with an incredible view of the ocean.
At nights, a musical performance is held with music, singing, and dancing, adding to the evening excitement. For even more fun, colorful fireworks light up the sky and give pleasure to the evening events. The Gijang Anchovy Festival is smaller in scale and simpler compared to other festivals, but it doesn’t diminish the spirit of fun at one of Korea’s cleanest ocean villages.

Festival Highlights: For Korean movie fans, watch the 2001 box office hit to add more enjoyment to your trip. Comparing the red lighthouse and Daebyeonhang’s clean ocean waters to the scenes in the movie offers another sort of fun. Of course, the Anchovy Festival is fun as well if you don’t end up watching the movie. Buying a freshly caught fish and having it served on the spot is definitely the highlight of the festival.

From Busan Station, take a bus either #1001 or #139 to Centum City Station → Transfer to #181 at Centum City Station → Get off at Daebyeonhang Port.



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