March has arrived with warm breezes and plenty of blossoms to behold. Daejeo Ecological Park on the outskirts of Busan is one of the city’s most ideal places to explore each spring. The best time to visit Daejeo Ecological Park is when spring buds are in full bloom, from late March through April.

Spring headquarters in West Busan

Located in Gangseo-gu (district), the park stretches 7.6 kilometers along the Nakdonggang River. Home to wetlands, lotus and a rape flower garden, it’s ideal for observing nature. While there, find the perfect place for a picnic and feel the romance of cherry blossoms and rape flowers surrounding you.

Cherry Blossom Festival 

Cherry blossoms blanket every corner of the city, from residential areas to the seasides, to mountain trails and everywhere in between by late March. Don’t miss the 2,500 cherry blossom trees, forming a 12-kilometer blossom tunnel along the edge of the Nakdonggang River. Enjoy a much quieter stroll in the park than in any other area closer to the city center. The cherry blossom festival programs, held from March 31 to April 2.

It includes a walkathon, singing contest and live performances. Catch falling petals on a romantic walk or take advantage of the perfect photo op, engulfed by pink flowers against the blue sky.

Rape Flower Festival 

Daejeo Ecological Park is known for its rape flower garden, the venue for one of the biggest annual blossom festivals in Korea, held from April 15 to 23 this year. The Rape Flower Festival has gained a reputation big enough to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the cheery, yellow garden.

The park extends over 750,000 square meters, including the largest rape flower garden in the country. Cut through yellow waves of flowers along blossom-dappled pathways bisecting the impressive grounds.

How to get there: Get off at Gangseo-gu  Office Station (Metro line 3) and go out exit 1 or 3. Walk about 10 minutes toward the riverside.



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