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Busan cruises arranging special events for the summer vacation


Cruises plying the coastal waters around Busan will be operating various programs for the summer vacation season, welcoming vacationers with events such as cruise parties and fireworks. There are 15 large and small cruise vessels in total in Busan such as the 'Panstar Dream', which offers overnight cruises, the party?convention cruise 'Tiffany 21', where you can enjoy a meal aboard the cruise, and the 'Nurimaru', which is the first themed tour vessel of its kind in Korea. The 'Summer Project' on board the 'Panstar Dream' includes a surprise gift event for couples, a competition where they have to convert a cabin into a party room, B-boy and jazz performances, and so on. ‘Tiffany 21’ is organizing a special event for enjoying the fireworks of the Opening Ceremony of the Busan Sea Festival on the ship. You can also enjoy a buffet and live performances on board. The 'Nurimaru' is holding a 'Friday night party' every Friday on the ship. On offer is an 'all you can eat' barbeque and draft beer, with live performances.

(Inquiries) Panstar Dream: 1577-9996,   Tiffany 21: 051-743-2500,   Nurimaru: 051-463-7680 




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