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Busan Cruise Terminal shows off the ‘Beauty of Traditional Korea’


BUSAN, South Korea – Busan Cruise Terminal in Dongsam-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan is now giving a good first impression of the 'Beauty of Korea' to foreign tourists.
The City of Busan invested 400 million won to renovate a 800? area of the 26,839? site and give it a traditional look. Foreign cruise passengers passing through the Busan International Cruise Terminal can now see a traditional pavilion that harmonizes with the modern building, a traditional fence, terraced flowerbeds and stone chairs.
More than 130,000 foreign tourists visited Busan through the International Cruise Terminal last year, and this figure is expected to increase year on year, particularly as 130,000 ton super luxury cruise ships accommodating 3,000 passengers will be coming into port next year, and the number of cruise operations using Busan as their home port will also be on the rise.

(Inquiries) Tourism Promotion Department, in the City of Busan (051-888-3515)




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