Busan Bands to Play at Zandari Festa – Korea’s Largest Music Showcase Fest

Say Sue Me Busan Band
Busan-based band, Say Sue Me

Several Busan-based indie acts including Say Sue Me, Busansons, Manixive, and Unchained will be traveling to Seoul next weekend to perform as part of Zandari Festa, Korea’s largest music showcase festival.

Zandari Festa has been happening each fall since 2012 in Seoul’s Hongdae area.  This year’s event will feature 261 acts playing in two dozen venues from October 2 – 4.  Amongst the bands in the lineup are an excellent array of Korean and expat acts from throughout the country and talented international touring musicians from the US, the UK, Russia, Poland, Israel, France, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and China.

A definite up-and-comer in Korea’s alt-rock scene, July saw Say Sue Me releasing a great EP titled “Big Summer Night.”  The quartet previously played at Zandari Festa in 2013 and 2014 and enjoyed themselves so much that they were eager to return again for this year’s event.

“There are lots of shows happening at the same time all over Hongdae and lots of people are there to experience the excitement of the festival,” says Say Sue Me guitarist Kim Byeongkyu.  “When we played before, those things made us excited as well.”

When asked why Zandari Festa is beneficial to Korea’s indie scene, Kim offers the following.

“It provides a good chance to network and become friends with musicians from Seoul, other parts of Korea, and overseas as well. For us, it is also an opportunity to get more attention and to perform for a new audience who are in a very happy and festive mood.”

Manixive Busan Band

Metal quintet Manixive also played at Zandari Festa last year.  They’re excited about having the chance to once more showcase their loud, hard-hitting songs at the event.

“We had a really good impression of the festival in 2014, which is why we applied to perform again,” says bassist Park Juneyong.  “Last year, not many people knew about our band.  But more people came to see us play than we were expecting, so we were really happy.”

Park feels that Zandari Festa is beneficial to Busan bands because it allows them to boost their profile and also teaches music fans about music being made in other parts of Korea.

“We love Busan,” he says.  “Although some bands from here decide to relocate to Seoul, our plan is to stay right here in Busan.  For the development of Korea’s indie scene, Seoul should not be the only place where this culture grows.  That’s why we travel to Seoul to perform.  We want more people to find out about Manixive and to learn that there’s lots of fantastic music being made in Busan too.”

Zandari Festa 2015 will take place from October 2 – 4 in Seoul. One-day tickets are 25,000 won (advance) or 30,000 won (door); two-day tickets cost 45,000 won (advance) and 50,000 won (door). A three-day delegate pass costs 100,000 won.  For more information, visit the festivals English website.


Article by Tobey Parker



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