‘Busan Air Cruise’ to Open in May in Songdo Beach

Image: Daewon Plus Group

‘Busan Air Cruise’ is set to become the newest tourist attraction in the city with a scheduled opening at the end of May.

The Songdo Marine Cable Car has been restored after nearly 30 years and a 665 billion won restoration project by Daewon Plus Group, also the builders of the Doosan We’ve Zenith Towers in Marine City.

The original 420-meter Songdo Marine Cable Car was built in 1964 and ran until 1988.

The new cable car will run for 1.62 kilometers from the east of Songdo Beach to Aman Park. It has 39 cars with 10 seats each with a clear bottom in each cabin.

The cable car runs 86 meters above the sea and offers great views of Aman Park, Namhang and the Yeongdo coastline. It is also equipped to withstand a 7.0 earthquake as well as strong winds and tsunamis.

Additionally, Picsolve, the leading digital content creation partner for world-class visitor destinations, has announced a contract win with Busan Air Cruise, which will provide innovative imaging technology at SongDo Beach’s major new tourist attraction. Visitors of Korea’s highest marine propulsion cable car, will be able to capture and instantly share their live experience as they enjoy the breath-taking bird’s eye views of Busan.

Picsolve’s innovative green screen technology will enable its visitors to choose from a range of exciting, seasonally updated content and immediately share images with the world.

Songdo Doppel Meyer Museum has also been built, billed as the first sister cable car museum which was created by Songdo Maritime Cable Car and Doppel Meyer. The museum is free for riders who want to learn the history of cable cars and experience virtual reality rides.

The cable car is hoping to attract two million visitors yearly. Prices for the ride have not yet been announced.




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