Brenmar to Spin Two Shows in Busan this Weekend


    BUSAN, South Korea — DJ and producer Brenmar has been relentlessly busy in 2012, playing the prestigious Sonar Festival in Barcelona, releasing a much-hyped mix for FACT magazine, a huge collaboration with DJ Sliink, producing a record for the upcoming Nina Sky album and putting in work behind the decks leaving dance floors in shambles.

    This Saturday, Brenmar arrives in Busan to light up Club NF. He will then take the stage to headline the Gwangan Soundwave Festival on Sunday evening.  

    We gave him 10 quick questions and got 10 quick answers.

    What are you doing right now?

    Right now I am listening to this new live mix I recorded for Thee Mike B while answering these questions.

    When did it all begin for you? DJing and making beats?

    I start DJing when I was 14 and producing at 15.  

    What kind of music inspired your sound? 

    Mainly hip-hop, R&B and club music.

    What are your feelings on how dance music is becoming more commercially accepted in North America?

    I think it's great; about time!

    How do you feel about so many new genres like Trap, Juke, Footwork, UK Bass etc?

    Almost all of those have been around for a pretty long time and gone through a lot of different changes/stages; hopefully they'll keep growing.

    What is your dream collaboration?

    I would have to say Ciara, Beyonce and Usher.

    Who is one producer that really inspires you?


    Where would you take Ciara on a date? 

    Ha! I dunno, shit, that would be tough! Stressing me out right now just thinking about it.

    How did the DJ Sliink collaboration come about, and the new Nina Sky record you produced on their upcoming album?

    Me and Sliink are friends and admire each others' music, so we figured it'd be cool to work on a track together. I had been talking to Nina Sky for a while about trying to work together; it took us a little while to find the right beat, but once we got it, the song wrote itself, pretty much.

    What is the key to staying ahead of the game when it comes to producing/DJing?

    Stay hungry, stay curious.  

    You can check out Brenmar this Saturday at Club NF in the KSU area. Supporting DJs will be BB Gibbs and Woodreaux. Entrance fee is 10,000 won.

    Facebook info is here.

    Listen to more Brenmar music on his Soundcloud page, and follow him on Twitter.




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