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Boozin’ and Politics: Weekend Edition


As per demand (the whole two requests), the weekend edition of Boozin' and Politics has arrived. This time we're taking it to Rock 'n Roll in Seomyeom. It's on a side street across from the Lotte Hotel/Casino. From Seomyeon station walk towards the Lotte Dept store and take the last possible exit on the right (just after the BS ATMs). When you exit, go left and walk straight until you see the Good Times convenience store. Make a right and keep walking until you see a picture o Kurt Cobain on the right hand side. If you get lost, my number's 010-7664-9960.
Again the world is rife with topics: there's an upcoming election in Canada; the world has stepped into Libya; protests has spread to Syria and Yemen, etc. 
Hope you guys can make it for a healthy debate!
And, despite the event pic, pizza will not be offered. However, RNR does offer a delicious menu.




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