Schedule and Locations of Black Panther Filming from the City of Busan


Filming locations and dates:

  • March 17 and 18 Jagalchi Market
  • March 21 and 23-26 Gwangalli
  • March 22  North Side of Sajik Stadium
  • March 22 and 26 Gwajeonggyo Bridge
  • March 23 and 29 Yeongdo Island
  • March 28 Dongseo University

The City of Busan has released info on the upcoming filming of Marvel’s Black Panther movie. Here is the full text:

The main filming locations will be shot at Busan’s landmarks, including areas in Yeongdo-gu, the shores of Gwangalli Beach, Gwangandaegyo Bridge, Gwajeonggyo Bridge, Busan Jagalchi Market, Dongseo University and Sajikbuk-ro.

Location shooting will take place from March 17th to March 29th. A huge car chase scene will contain around 150 cars and more than 700 people. The chase scene will also require the use of helicopters and guns (blank cartridges). Traffic restrictions and noise are expected, and may inconvenience residents and visitors.

The movie scenes shot in Busan will feature the beauty of Busan, including a Busan City Tour bus.

Busan City will provide support for the filming in Busan, with help from the Busan Film Commission, Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, Busan Metropolitan Fire & Safety Headquarters, Busan Infrastructure Corporation and Gu/Gun offices.

Traffic Restriction Notice

  • Traffic on the upper level of the Gwangandaegyo bridge will be shut down partially and fully from March 23th to 26th.
  • Traffic on the entrance ramp of the Namhangdaegyo bridge will be shut down on March 23th.
  • Traffic from the Eonyang three-way junction to the Meeting Square at Gwangalli Beach will be closed on March 21st.





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