United in our Diversity, Thriving in our Individuality! The BIFS Difference

Busan International Foreign School is setting the trend for international and cultural diversity for education in Busan.

How many different ways can you say “welcome?” At Busan International Foreign School (BIFS), we are at 44 ways and growing! BIFS is proud to have the most diverse and balanced international student body of any international school in all of Korea! Families from 44 countries form our united community where not one culture dominates. Education at BIFS is truly an international experience. Under the enthusiastic leadership of our new Head of School, Mr. Kevin Baker, the school’s warm, welcoming, family feel has been supercharged, and a raft of new and exciting initiatives are underway.

From hosting the innovative TEDx Busan conference for students, to selecting the most engaging and experienced international faculty, our provision of quality, inquiry-based education through the International Baccalaureate program provides our students with outstanding world-class programming and facilities. Our cultural celebration events promote international mindedness, experiential learning trips challenge our students to explore, and authentic parent partnership programs provide maximum involvement. BIFS supports and impacts students through in-house programs, like design technology and robotics, as well as through community service learning opportunities in Busan and beyond.

BIFS is a diverse, supportive and dynamic international school that inspires and challenges students to explore, discover and thrive in the global community to which we all belong. Students at BIFS not only develop and pursue their passions and become successful, but they also contribute to a positive global future. With enrollment soaring to record heights, it is easy to see that BIFS is the international school of choice, not only in Busan, but in Southern Korea.

BIFS invites the Busan international community to come experience the BIFS difference firsthand at our first open house of the year. Our open house will be on Tuesday, October 28 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. To RSVP your place on the guest list, please contact admissions@bifskorea.org. More information can also be found on the BIFS website at www.bifskorea.org.





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