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BIFF News: Get Your BIFF Tickets!

BUSAN, South Korea — The Busan International Film Festival has opened an exclusive ticketing website ( with more stabilized services. With a stronger online system this year, the DAUM ticketing page will open on Sep 20 and the actual ticketing for the Opening/Closing films will start on Sep 24, only available online. Those interested will be required to sign up as a member for online ticketing. Starting Sept 26, general ticketing will be available through all counters of Busan Bank as well as ATMs, and phone banking. Other detailed ticketing information can be found on BIFF’s official website ( ) and mobile DAUM website ( For inquiries for ticketing information, please contact BIFF Call Center (Tel. 1666-9177).
Busan International Film Festival Ticketing Guide

  1. On-time Entrance Policy

This year, BIFF maintains its on-time entrance policy. You cannot enter the theater 15 minutes after the screening starts. Those who do not enter on-time will not be guaranteed the designated seats to prevent no-shows and allow more people to watch films. 

  1. Fifty Plus Services

For the Opening/Closing films, BIFF will provide Fifty Plus services for individuals over the age of 50 who are not familiar with the online ticketing system. There will be 200 seats at the Opening/Closing films reserved at the box office for them. They should provide an ID (driver’s license or other government ID) to purchase the tickets. Anyone born in 1962 or before can purchase tickets at the Sales Department of Busan Bank’s main office (across from Busanjin Market) when the ticketing for the Opening/Closing films starts at 17:00 on Sep 24 until the seats sell out.




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