BIFF News: Call for Applications to the 2012 Asian Actors Academy (AAA)


SEOUL, South Kroea — Entering its 8th edition, the Asian Film Academy (AFA) is an intensive film academy committed to discovering and fostering Asian film talent. In particular, 2012 was marked by a surprising number of applicants. With the success of the AFA, the Busan International Film Festival set out new initiatives by enhancing its established film education programs, and created an intensive acting academy – the Asian Actors Academy (AAA).
The AAA is looking for the 2012 fellows. During the 2012 Busan International Film Festival, the AAA will organize various programs such as basic/advanced acting classes, mentoring from the professionals, English classes, and photo shoots. The AAA will provide opportunities to work on actual film scenes and productions that include casting and exclusive contracts with management companies. The final 7 participants will receive systematic acting education though intensive training in and outside the Korea. In addition, they will receive hands-on training from professionals and working actors that will strengthen their skills and clearly define their creative and strategic acting goals. 
Any aspiring actors/actresses from the ages of 17 to 35 who are residents of Korea are eligible to apply. The online application is open August 27 till September 13.

Check out the BIFF website for more details.



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