BIFF 2012 News – Applicants to the AFA Hit a Record High


SEOUL, South Korea – Entering its 8th edition, the AFA 2012 concluded its screening process and selected 24 finalists from a surprising number of applicants. Particularly, this year is marked by a record high competitive rate of 10:1, demonstrating the ever-growing interest in the AFA. A record number of 233 applicants from 25 Asian countries applied for this year.

The finalists of 2012 are composed of 18 males and 6 females, ranging from the ages of 21 to 36; in addition, applicants from Bahrain and Laos have been selected for the first time. The backgrounds of this year’s participants are diverse with the inclusion of a former actor and a former BIFF staff member.

Ine Febriyanti from Indonesia is an actress-turned-stay-at-home-mom with three children. However, through the AFA 2012, she now has an opportunity to make a leap forward as a film director. Another notable fellow is CHANG Chih-Wei, a Taiwanese participant, whose dream is to make a film in his mother’s homeland of Korea. He is currently majoring in filmmaking at a graduate school in Korea and joining the AFA has brought him one-step closer to his dream. Korea’s LEE Myung-hoon, who worked as an AFA staff member in 2011, applied for the AFA 2012 and successfully earned a ticket to Busan once again, this time as an AFA student.

From Asia’s Best Film Mentorship to Funding for Program Graduates 
The AFA, Asia’s best film education program, has established itself as a pioneer of film education since its inception. Under the mentorship of the AFA faculty, composed of the world’s renowned film directors, students will learn about the practical filmmaking as well as about the new insights into film through various AFA programs such as short film production, workshops, a master class, lectures, and mentoring with professionals. They will be newly equipped with the capacity to provide Asian films with new cinematic visions and direction. Above all, the most appealing feature of the AFA is that it offers participants from different cultural backgrounds a special chance to gather in Busan and share their thoughts on film. Therefore, it attracts an increasing number of promising filmmakers every year.

The AFA has been successfully nurturing new Asian talent in cinema by providing various financial supports. Through the Scenario Development Fund (sponsored by Showbox/Mediaplex,Inc.) the AFA has presented a KRW 10 million cash award to a selected AFA graduate's project, working in the script development stage, since 2010. In addition, a new 2012 fellowship fund has been created as well – the AFA Fellowship Fund by the Busan Film Commission (BFC) & Sapporo-Hokkaido Contents Strategy Organization (SHOCS). Up to USD 10,000 in cash will be allocated to support the completion of the selected AFA graduates’ films working in the post-production stage. This year’s first beneficiaries of the AFA Fellowship Fund are Bringing Tibet Home by Tenzin Tsetan Choklay (India, 2005 fellow) and The Container by Abu Shahed Emon (Bangladesh, 2010 fellow).

A total of 24 young film makers will be trained for 18 days from September 27 to October 14 under the professional supervision of AFA faculty members – Jia Zhangke as Dean, Oh Seok-geun as Deputy Dean, Parviz Shahbazi as Directing Mentor, and Watanabe Makoto as Cinematography Mentor.

The AFA is co-hosted by Dongseo University, the Busan Film Commission, and the Busan International Film Festival.

The 17th Busan International Film Festival will be held from Thursday,
October 4, 2012 to Saturday, October 13, 2012.
     Asian Film Market and Asian Project Market will be held from Monday,
October 8, 2012 to Thursday, October 11, 2012.




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