BFIA heading to the ‘Lantern Festival’ in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, January 27-30


    BUSAN – The BFIA and The National Orchestra of Busan will be participating from January 27 in the Lantern Festival, in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. This festival is one of the biggest annual festivals in Kaohsiung. Many teams from around the world, as well as famous Taiwanese singers, will take part in the festival, which is best known for the splendid lanterns that can be seen floating down the city's Love River. Every year, Kaohsiung City invites the BFIA and requests the participation of a performance team, and in the past there have been performances by B-Boy dancers  and traditional dancers. Thirteen members of the National Orchestra of Busan will take part in the festival this year, performing Samulnori, and playing Korean & Chinese pop songs with traditional instruments. Kaohsiung is Busan's oldest sister city, with the two cities having set up their sisterhood relationship back in 1966.



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