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Beautyvelo Spinning: Get Yourself into Great Shape for Spring

 Looking for a great way to get in shape while having fun doing it? How about giving spinning a try? Spinning is a popular indoor cycling exercise in which a group of people led by an instructor ride stationary bikes to pulsating music.

With specially designed spin bikes, any fitness-seeker no matter the age or body type, can enjoy this great way to not only get in shape, but have fun while burning off that additional fat you might have picked up over the winter. Since its a group exercise activity, spinning is also a great social experience.

With the constant pedaling to music, spinning makes use of the entire body including arms, legs, abdomen, lower back and hips, which makes it a high intensity aerobic exercise that raises the fat-burning rate.

Compared with other aerobic exercises, spinning burns four times as many calories per unit hour with an average of 500 calories burned per 40 minutes. Couple that with the fun nature of the group exercise, spinning is a great way to get in your best shape for the summer beach season.

Beautyvelo Spinning

Opened in October of last year in the Hwamyeong area of Northern Busan, Beautyvelo Spinning provides a variety of different spinning classes for all levels.

With the popularity of spinning, the fitness industry has been bombarded with different spinning classes and centers, but Beautyvelo has been the vanguard of more professional and systematic spinning classes beyond the simple concept of a group exercise.

Beautyvelo provides a comprehensive spinning class, which includes a combination of cycling, music and dance. Because spinning is an exercise of which the intensity and the fun are determined by the instructor, Beautyvelo promises that you will have the best instructors with a diverse and extensive experience.

As a specialized spinning center, Beautyvelo offers a variety of classes which will please even the experienced spinner. They also can tailor-make a program for you that garners peak performance through the assistance of personal training.

Location: Go out  Exit #1 at Soo Jeong Station in Hwamyeong-dong. Beautyvelo Spinning is in the Hang Woon Building on the 4th floor.  070-8811-8663/051-363-8663



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