Asia Film Policy Forum 2011

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Opening/Keynote Speech
Future Vision of the Regional Cooperation for the Asian Visual Industry 
– Let us lead it together
Some film and visual industry policy makers from each Asian country will introduce their present conditions and policies about the film and visual industry, and a keynote speech will be made about the directivity of regional cooperation as well.
  • Date : Oct. 11(Tue), 2011 / 10:00am~12:00am
  • Venue : Bexco Convention Hall 101~106
By inviting some Asian film-related celebrities and policy makers, the directivity and their opinions will be heard about the future visual industry.
  • Date : Oct. 11(Tue), 2011 / 12:00am~13:00pm
  • Venue : Bexco Convention Hall 101~106
Closing Ceremony
The entire contents discussed during the forum will be reviewed, and the closing ceremony will be conducted.
  • Date : Oct. 12(Wed), 2011 / 17:00pm~18:00pm
  • Venue : Bexco Convention Hall 101~104


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