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Alexandra Don Photographer Sasha

Artist Profile: The Captivating Images of Alexandra Don

Busan-based photographer Alexandra Sasha Don has a wonderful flair for capturing people with her lens.

Originally from Nevelsk, in the Sakhalin region of Russia, where she studied Oriental and African studies as well as Japanese, Alexandra Don moved to Korea in 2012 to work as an office manager while at the same time pursuing her love of photography.

With a focus on people, Don says that her photography offers the chance “to take pictures of people and show them the other side of their personality and how multifaceted they are.”

After years spent honing her creative skills, Don offers up some useful advice for aspiring photographers.

“I can only say to never be afraid to create something new, never give up and love the art you’re making because it is a part of an artist’s soul. No matter what people say about your photographs, just keep taking them. To be a novice means to show something new to the world – something with a different perspective.”

You can see more of Alexandra’s work at

Sasha Don

Sasha Don 1

Alexandra Don 7

Alexandra Don 8

Alexandra Don 6

Alexandra Don 5

Alexandra Don 4

Alexandra Don 3

Alexandra Don 2

Alexandra Don 1


Alexandra Don 9 Alexandra Don 10 Alexandra Don 11 Alexandra Don 12

You can see more of Alexandra’s work at

Cover photo of Alexandra Don by Tatiana Mandziy. You can see more of her work at:

All photos courtesy of Alexandra Don






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