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Issue One made with Microsoft Word; the height of cheezy

Busan Haps is One today and to celebrate we are having a really big party. It's been a good run and we've only just begun.

A little over a year ago, Mike Schneider approached me with a ragged little printout entitled “15 Things I like about Busan,” that he and Conor Murphy brainstormed a few nights before. Mikey asked if I could give it the ‘writer’s touch.’ Looking back now, it was probably one of the best ‘gifts’ I have ever been given.

At the time I was in need of a new creative outlet. I had, over the years, tried to be a hip hop star (seriously), a pop star, a baseball player and most recently, a world class novelist. I had six solid years under my belt as a working journalist and was meandering through the good life here in Asia recovering from novel rejection.

Then came Mikey.

I had no experience at all with design, but opened up Microsoft Word and managed to put together the first Busan Haps in June of last year. Chris Tharp and Jen Sotham were the only writers in what was intended to be a simple guide. That summer, I learned some of Adobe’s design software and little by little managed to build a website and a magazine. It is ironic that while gathering and distributing info about Busan, I have actually had little time to go out and enjoy it myself. What was I thinking?

So, to those of you who have written or taken photos, to those of you who have supported us financially, and to those of you that tune in, thanks for allowing me to pass on the gift.

For more info on the big bash, check out the party invite here.

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