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Located right in the subway station, offers local and expat artists a spot to display their work..

Suyeong – Art Mediate Space

Located right in the subway station, offers local and expat artists a spot to display their work..



BUSAN, South Korea – Suyeong subway station’s underground mini-shopping mall has more to offer than the standard array of clothing shops, nail salons and cell phone shops. A great example of that is the Suyeong Station Art Mediate Space (SSAM), which is a new government-funded cultural center open to the public. 

The space was developed as part of the Busan Transportation and Art Program. They have been creating art festivals and cultural centers in subway stations throughout Busan to increase the art and cultural involvement of Busan residents, as well as expats.  SSAM, with a long, single wall available for exhibition,  offers an equal opportunity to anyone with a plan who would like to create an exhibit. 

The center also offers rental of its space for seminars, art and craft lessons, art consultations, and information on local art and culture events, all of which is free of charge.  Also, every Thursday at 7 p.m. is an open discussion about art, music, dance, literature, and other various cultural activities.  The list does not end here.  SSAM is also a café serving coffee and tea by donation, as well as free access to its collection of books, magazines, and CDs of Busan’s independent musicians.   Independent films by Busan artists will also soon be available at SSAM on DVD.

From now until March 5th at SSAM, the “Travel Photo Exhibition” is on display.  The exhibit features the work of five local and international photographers, ranging from amateur to professional levels of experience.   These photographs, by Kyle Daly, William Jackson, Kyle Palaniuk, Jose F. Lopez, and Busan’s own DJ MOD, are enough to spark the travel craving in even the most unadventurous viewer.  Images of people in brightly colored traditional costumes, on busy streets, in scenic moments of solitary, as well as seemingly endless landscapes and exotic animals are all creatively arranged in clusters according to the photographer. 

Though diverse in artistic intent, these photographers prove themselves to be risk-takers for the sake of capturing that one-in-a-million shot.  SSAM rotates its exhibit every two weeks, so make regular visits to this exciting, new venue to keep up on what’s happening in Busan’s growing cultural scene. 

SSAM is located at exit four of the Suyeong station, and is open everyday from 10 to 9.  Contact Art Director, Ryu Soung Hyo at for information about SSAM’s programs and rental space, or check out their website.




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