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Art and Culture Converge on Shopping Street

On Seomyeon Street in Busanjin District, art and culture are alive. Duty-free shops, department stores and all kinds of restaurants are on offer at Busan’s No. 1 shopping street in Seomyeon.

Busan City has created a street where art and culture are alive. The 2.1-kilometer (1.3-mile) road from Seomyeon Judies Taehwa to Dongbo Plaza has changed from a neighborhood of steel and tool appliance shops into a shopping and cultural experience zone where young people come to have a good time.

Strange signboards and telephone poles have been cleared out, forming a clean and trendy atmosphere. And to entertain young visitors, simple stages in front of Judies Taewha now host various cultural events. A light tower has also been set up. To make unique memories for visitors, a moving light has been set up to make pictures in the street. Just by walking along the street, visitors can experience various cultural arts.

The beautiful cultural street includes symbolic sculptures, such as Cone Hat, Whirlpool and Treble Clef.

And from March to December, there will be music and band performances, including guitar concerts, in different parts of the street.

We have organized the space so more local and foreign tourists and the young generation can shop and naturally come across art and culture, Busan City said.

* Seomyeon boasts top shopping

The area is full of energy and excitement. It is a Street of Youth as more than 70 percent of visitors are in their teens and 20s. In addition to being Busan’s largest cultural melting pot, the street includes the city’s largest commercial area, made up of department stores, traditional markets and discount stores along with nightclubs, arcades and theaters. It is also convenient to reach by public transportation as metro line Nos. 1 and 2 meet here and one-third of bus routes stop in the area. Given the location and amenities, an average of 150,000 people visit per day.

Source: Busan City News




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