“The Apology” Hits CGV Screens


The award-winning documentary “The Apology” has been theatrically released across 66 CGV theaters in Korea from today.

Directed by Canadian Tiffany Hsiung and produced by the National Film Board of Canada, the powerful film has drawn accolades from all over the globe.

The 106-minute documentary brings forward the stories of the thousands of women who were sexually enslaved by the Imperial Japanese Army and kept in military brothels during the war and their ongoing fight for justice. It also follows the stories of three grandmothers from Korea, China and the Philippines who have yet to receive justice after being sexually exploited during World War II.

The film won the Busan Cinephile Award at the Busan International Film Festival’s Vision Awards and received the Audience Award at the 2016 Cork Film Festival.

Image: CGV



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