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Americans, What’s Up? and Raleigh Moncrief, at The Basement this Thursday

BUSAN, South Korea – Making their debut on Korean soil this Thursday, the 8th of April are What’s Up?, an animated and robotic rock band from America.  The three songsters who make up this fresh and wildly innovative instrumental group of musicians, originate from Sacramento, California, but now reside mainly in Portland, Oregon. The Basement in PNU is their first stop on a number of dates around Asia this month.

According to Matt Cullivan, who booked the group: "We have had some great acts coming through Busan this year, especially from Asia, with the Carsick Cars and Denial," Cullivan said. "Now we are turning more towards some of the hot western acts to round out the bill. These guys are a lotta fun and really talented."

Reviewing the bands recent album, wrote: “Cast off the trappings of chiptune bands — namely nostalgia — and let each song sink or swim based on its own internal logic.”

The group is the brainchild of Robby Moncrief, a soul with a multitude of talent oozing from his fingertips, who has also produced a number of albums including the Dirty Projectors album Bitte Orca.

What’s Up’s debut album ‘Content Imagination’ was released last year in April to a mixed bag of reviews, but for anyone who knows the scene will appreciate what they have done. Their sound is not only fresh and new, but also, temporarily at least, manages to stick its finger up to the often over-stylised world of abstract rock with its edgy and disjointed sound.

The album was recorded in Sacramento and contains an array of superb melodies and intoxicating rhythms to whet your appetite and leave your eardrums satisfied.

To some, their music might sound like a Captain Beefheart album with many deranged and unhinged numbers, but to the more trained ear there is a lot of clever as well as catchy beats that continue to bang around in your brain long after the music has died down.

Supporting What’s Up is Raleigh Moncrief, a young artist whose talent for the twisted knows no bounds. His album ‘Combed Over Chrome’ is another bag of mixed tunes, but with an underlying hard beat.

Impose Magazine said of his debut: “Likes drums, tends to stutter, but maintains a hip-hop foundation.”

If your looking for a great night of music, you won't be disappointed, these guys are the real deal.

For more info check out their MyspaceMusic pages here and here.

The show starts this Thursday at 9pm, tickets are on sale for 16,000KRW.

Have a Listen: "1st of the Month." This s*** is really funky.

1st Of Tha Month (What's Up Daybreak Mix) by raleighmoncrief




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