Ad Stars Entries Exceeds 10,000


    BUSAN, South Korea – On June 25, the organizing committee of Ad Stars announced that it had received 10,431 entries from 57 countries. These entries consisted of 8,081 single advertisements and 2,350 ad campaigns, an increase of 11 countries (12.4%) and 3,301 entries (46%) from last year’s 7,130 entries and 46 countries. The number of entries has exceeded 10,000 for the first time since Ad Stars first opened in 2008. 

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    Considering the number of entries, Ad Stars received 2,828 Korean entries this year compared to 2,508 last year –  an increase of 13%. In addition, Ad Stars received 7,603 overseas entries, an increase of 64% (4,622 entries) from last year. These entries included countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Specifically, Bangladesh, Iran, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Serbia, and Nigeria participated in Ad Star’s calling for entries for the first time. Entries from overseas countries have shown an increase of 8% over the past year that is from 65% to 73%.    
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    In addition, in order for Ad Stars to meet the changing world of advertising, it has introduced new categories this year, including “Entertainment”, “Presentation”, “Innovation”, and “Diverse Insights.”  These new sectors have received 932 entries and provided a great response from entrants.  

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    “It is a very encouraging thing for a five year old ad festival to receive 10,000 entries, which also shows that Ad Stars is not only the biggest ad festival in Asia, but also ready to be a genuine international ad festival in the world.” said Euija Lee, the co-chairperson of the executive committee of Ad Stars.

    The Ad Stars festival, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as well as the City of Busan will take place at the BEXCO in Haeundae from August 23rd to 25th.  The entries that advanced to the finals will be exhibited on the 1st floor of the Convention Hall, where the public can view them free of charge. Additionally, seminars on the subject of ‘Digital Humanism’ and similar topics will be held during the festival.  Finally, Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice President of Coca-Cola, Akira Kagami, Creative Director of ‘Dentsu’, and other famous speakers who are currently representing the ad world will be invited to participate to share their ideas on brand and communication.    

    Source: Busan City News




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