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6th Tanzabend with NUKiD @Almost Famous, KSU 2014.04.26

The 6th DEEP HOUSE & TECHNO party of TANZABEND will be happening on 26th of April.

A director of TANZABEND dj NUKiD is back! He was a resident dj at MUUTO of the club vanguard in seoul until recently but he is back at this time!

If you are a real deep house and techno music lover, you have to come to listen to them. Otherwise you would not able to hear a real deep house and techno music in any other places in Busan.

We will watch a documentary from 10-11, which is related to the Techno music scene. You will be watching REALSCENES, Johannesburg edition. 

Running Order
2200-2300 Real Scenes : Johannesburg
2300-2400 Vincent Baak
2400-0130 Min-Wooki
0130-0330 NUKiD *****
0330-0500 S_Pill

SUPPORT 5,000 won (entrance fee) Come and SUPPORT us, and together, we can make this event happen!



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