6 Pack Tap House: All You Need to Know on Your First Visit


It’s well known that over the last two years Busan has witnessed a burgeoning domestic craft beer culture while imported IPAs, lagers, and stouts awash our shores. Now, Yoon Sang-jin, Busan native and Drexel University graduate, is stamping his personal, unique mark on the scene with 6 Pack Tap House in Gwangan. What was once a premium beer shop with over 170 bottled beers available for take-out, the newly remodeled space has transformed into a cozy beer bar inviting to sit a spell with 12 fresh taps pouring the most innovative beers via Denmark.

Dedicated to Yoon’s mission to introduce extraordinary beer to the local population and to satiate Busan’s beer geek community, 6 Pack still offers over a hundred bottles of beer, featuring 27 different labels from 14 different styles of brew. Now, Yoon is a pioneer in importing to Korea the internationally renown “gypsy” breweries to his taps Mikkeller and To Øl , pronounced like to-oowel meaning “two beers”. 

Both Mikkeller and To Øl, based in Copenhagen, are gypsy in the sense that they don’t own the equipment but brew in the best facilities in Belgium, UK, and the US. This take on modern brewing allows them to present the highest-quality products sourced from the best raw materials unrestricted by convention. These brews are all  the rage over popular magazines and websites such as Beer Advocate and RateBeer.com.

To check out the buzz for yourself, pull up a chair where you can sample ten from To Øl or two by Mikkeller. The styles range from light and citrusy pale, wheat, and farmhouse ales to full throttled imperial porters and stouts. Besides their unique flavors, their house style employs less carbonation and all are served at their optimum temperature to truly express these beers exemplary characteristics. In addition, all of those currently serving on draft at 6 Pack are so balanced that despite their higher than average alcohol levels one doesn’t feel like it is intoxicating but simply delicious.

Having now sampled the taps and really found them all tasty in their own special way, here are a few I highly recommend by To Øl.

Shamelessly Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale (10% Abv):  If you like beer and whisky, this is the one to try. The alcohol’s not hot so it’s deceptively strong balanced by mellow bread notes and a slight sweet, rich amber ale profile with that whisky touch.

Fall of Man Barrel Aged Imperial Porter (11.4% Abv): There’s a nutella and Kahlua sweetness and the barrel aging and lower carbonation give it a roundness to the rich coffee flavors making it quite easy drinking, especially for the season.

Sky Mountain Sour (4.9% Abv):  For the wine drinker, this sour was a pleasant surprise. With a nose and flavors on par with a sauvignon blanc, it’s light body and fresh acidity gave it a fantastic finish.

To experience a taste of Copenhagen here in Busan, take subway Line 2 to Geumnyeonsan exit 1 or 3 towards the beach to 6 Pack Tap House on Gwangnam Road on the left. Or contact 010-2937-6751, Facebook.com/6packshop for inquiries.




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