27 Samsung C & T Employees in Bizarre Surveillance of Elderly Stockholder

A division head has been fired and a personal apology has been issued from the company president in one of the stranger cases of corporate espionage.

Last week, Samsung C&T, the founding company of the present day Samsung conglomerate empire, posted an official apology on their blog from company president Choi Chi-hun.

The statement from Choi read:

“Our employees kept watch on a civil petitioner’s movement, which was very wrong to do, in preparation for the stockholders’ general meeting. It is something that cannot happen and should not happen. Above all, I truly apologize to the person concerned with the affair.”

Samsung C&T additionally announced that the mastermind behind this covert silliness was the head of the housing division and that he has been fired,

The surveillance took place March 13, the day of the general stockholder’s meeting. One of the stockholders, a 62-year-old woman surnamed Kang, was in attendance to complain about noise problems at her home in Samsung Raemian Apartment complex in Seoul. Kang has filed civil complaints for five years after moving into one of the Samsung Raemian Apartments.

According to Business Korea:

27 employees of the CS department talked about the woman’s movements in a group chat room on Kakao Talk. The first message was posted at 6:13 a.m. on March 13, saying “The lights didn’t go on yet in the appealing person’s house.” Then, the messages kept being posted, saying that the lights were now on in the house at 6:46 a.m., and explaining what the petitioner was wearing that day. From the early morning, they watched the civil petitioner’s movements.


It was additionally reported that Samsung C&T’s employees surveiled the route she took to the meeting place in detail, including posting pictures of her walking at 7:44 a.m.

Others Watched Also

Reports say that the same group followed several union members of Samsung’s affiliates who opposed a deal with Hanwa.

The report on KakaoTalk read: “Eight union leaders, including Yoon Jong-kyun, union leader of Samsung Techwin, have arrived at Seongnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the place where the general meeting of stockholders of Techwin is taking place, preparing a picket demonstration.”

The Kakao chat room was later closed with the final message coming from the executive director saying, “Thank you for your efforts.”

It was just a few years back in 2012 when an employee of Samsung C&T’s inspection division of Samsung C&T was found to have followed CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-hyun using an illegal phone under another person’s’ name. This taking place during a dispute over the inheritances of the families of both the Samsung and CJ Group founders.




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