2015 Sea Art Festival Underway on Dadaepo Beach

For one month, Busan’s Dadaepo Beach turns into a gigantic outdoor art museum. Pictured above is “Illusion” by Korean artist Won-jae Shin.

The 2015 Sea Art Festival is back for its 30-day run from Sept. 19 to Oct. 18. Organized by Busan City and the Busan Biennale Organizing Committee, this year’s fest will transform the sandy beach into a gallery displaying diverse art pieces, from sculptures and media art to performing art.

The art gala, featuring 36 teams from 17 nations, presents outdoor exhibitions on the beach as well as media facades using the surrounding natural environment. Much-anticipated pieces include collaborative works like those between poet Ko Un and artist Oh Tae-won; Noh Ju-whan’s “Love 3,000 Dreams;” and “Hope Trees,” where viewers may write down a wish and hang it on the tree. “Love 3,000 Dreams” was made combining 3,000 pinwheels made by children.

Expectations are high for the festival, in which foreign artists, young and old, will participate. Among them are a 20-something-year-old Brisith artist and octogenarian Yoko Ono, who was once married to John Lennon.

Established in 1987, the Sea Art Festival is Busan’s quintessential art event, with 28 years under its belt. This year’s theme is “See-Sea & Seed,” meaning that the seeds of art are sowed in Dadaepo Beach, and then germinate and flourish.

The exhibition contains four sections: Disseminating Seeds; Germinating Seeds; Growing Seeds; and Growing Sea. Seven containers were used to set up the indoor and outdoor exhibition areas. Among the four sections, “Disseminating Seeds,” or the Imagination Nurturing Project, will be the most popular, as it reinterprets and reinvents the historic meaning of Dadaepo.

Dynamic forms of art will also be on display and there are a variety of side programs, including art markets and art experiential programs, where viewers can take a more hands-on approach toward installation art.

The art soiree is anticipated to boost the experimental exhibition of modern art while at the same time galvanizing regional cultural art.

Information: Busan Biennale Organizing Committee 051-503-6111

Homepage: www.busanbiennale.org

Lead Image: Illusion by Won-jae Shin

Source: Busan City News via Dynamic Busan

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