2015 Major Event Schedule in Busan


In 2015, there will be an abundance of festivals and international events held in Busan where you can make many wonderful memories to remember your stay.

Please refer to the 2015 major event schedule below before planning your trip to Busan.

*Dates and times are subject to change without prior notice.


The New Year Festival – January 1, Haeundae Beach

28th Polar Bear Swim Festival – January 4, Haeundae Beach


2015 IDB-IIC Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors – March 26 – 29, BEXCO

33rd Busan Theater Festival – March 27 – April 11, Busan Cultural Center

Urban Agriculture Exhibition – March 26 – 29, BEXCO


32nd Busan Int’l Short Film Festival – April 24 – 28, Busan Cinema Center, etc.

7th Busan Citizen Bicycle Festival – April 26, Asiad Main Stadium, Spo1

12th Busan Int’l Performing Arts Festival – April 29 – May 10, Busan Cultural Center

4th Nakdong Riverside Yuchae Flower Festival – April, Daejeo Ecological Park in Gangseo-gu


Joseon Tongsinsa Festival – May 1 – 3, around Gwangbok-ro, Jung-gu

Busan Contents Market (BCM) 2015 – May 7 – 9, BEXCO

14th Busan Science Festival – May 9 – 10 , Gungnimaru

Busan Int’l Machinery Fair – May 20 – 23, BEXCO

11th Busan Int’l Dance Festival – May 29 – June 2, Busan Cultural Center

8th Busan Port Festival – May 29 – 31 Dongsam Innovative City area

Busan Super Cup Int’l Yacht Race 2015 – May, Yachting Center


Busan River Sports Festival – June, Nakdong and Suyeong Rivers

Art Show Busan 2015 – June 4 – 8, BEXCO

Tour de Korea 2015 – June 6, venue to be announced

24th Busan Dance Festival – June 13 – 16, Busan Cultural Center

Busan Mayor’s Cup Int’l Surfing Championship – June, Haeundae Beach

Busan Open 2015 – Wheelchair Tennis in June, Spo1

Busan Int’l Anti-Aging Expo – June, BEXCO




10th Busan Int’l Kids’ Film Festival – July 23-28, Busan Cinema Center

41st Busan Art Contest – July – August, Busan Museum of Art

Busan Marine Sports 2015 – July – August, beaches in Busan


20th Busan Sea Festival – August 1 – 7, Haeundae Beach, etc.

10th Busan Int’l Magic Festival – August 6 – 9, Haeundae Beach, etc.

16th Busan Int’l Rock Festival – August 7- 9, Samnak Ecological Park

2015 Busan Int’l Advertising Festival – August 20 – 22, BEXCO

6th Busan Robot Contest – August 20 – 22, BEXCO

3rd Busan Int’l Comedy Festival – end of August, Busan Cinema Center

2015 Busan MICE Festival – end of August, BEXCO, etc.


Environment & Energy Tech 2015 – September 2-4, BEXCO

3rd Busan Global Water Forum – September 3-4, BEXCO

2015 Busan Maru Int’l Music Festival – September 4-11, Busan Cultural Center

ISU World Congress 2015 – September 6-11, BEXCO

18th Busan Int’l Travel Fair – September 11-14, BEXCO

2015 Busan Int’l Medical Tourism Convention – September 11 – 13, BEXCO

Korea Open Busan Int’l Dragon Boat Regatta – September, Suyeong River

IT EXPO BUSAN 2015 – September, BEXCO

Cloud Expo Korea 2015 – September, BEXCO

9th World Ocean Forum – September, BEXCO


20th Busan Int’l Film Festival – Oct. 1- 10, Busan Cinema Center, etc.

36th Busan Citizens’ Day – October 5, Busan City Hall

15th Busan Int’l Film Commission & Industry Showcase – October 3-6, BEXCO

Asian Film Policy Forum – October 4-5, Haeundae Grand Hotel

2015 Asia Song Festival – October 9, Asiad Main Stadium

Busan Choral Festival & Competition – October 14-17, Busan Cultural Center

70th U.N. Day Commemorative Ceremony – October 23, UN Memorial Cemetery

11th Busan Fireworks Festival – October 23 – 24, Gwangalli Beach area

Korea Int’l Marine Leisure Week – October, Yachting Center and BEXCO

Busan Cup Women’s Int’l Match Race – October, Haeundae Dongbaekseom Island

Busan Jagalchi Festival – October, Jagalchi Market

Busan Int’l Food Expo 2015 – October, BEXCO

Busan Int’l Architectural Culture Festival – October, BEXCO


Busan Int’l Footwear, Textile & Fashion Week – November 5-7, BEXCO

Busan Int’l Seafood & Fisheries EXPO (BISFE 2015) -November 12-14, BEXCO

G-Star 2015 Int’l Game Exhibition – November 12 – 15, BEXCO

7th Busan Christmas Tree Cultural Festival – November 28- January 3, 2016 around Gwangbok-ro area

Busan Universiade for Digital Contents – November, BEXCO

7th Busan Galmaetgil Festival – November, All of Busan

Busan Int’l Money Show – November, BEXCO


Bell-Tolling Ceremony on New Year’s Eve – December 31, Yongdusan Park

Source: Busan City News

The Latest Haps


Korean ‘Black Eagles’ to Hold Performance May 7th

The “Black Eagles”, the Republic of Korea’s Air Force Demonstration Team that boasts a world-class air show, will hold a performance in Busan.


American Military to Train For Civilian Evacuation of Korea in June

American military forces in South Korea are planning a drill in June that will train soldiers to evacuate U.S. civilians.


Be Aware: Taxi Driver Arrested After Drugging Passengers

A 63-year-old taxi driver has been arrested in Sasang-gu after allegedly spiking drinks he gave to his customers and robbing them.


Female Bus Passenger Dragged 10 Meters Down the Road

A female bus passenger was dragged 10 meters down the road by a bus when her clothes got caught in its door.


34th Busan International Short Film Festival Gets Underway

For six days, fantastic short films from around the globe are back as the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival begins from April 25-30 at the Busan Cinema Center.


Monthly Ha Ha Hole Returns Friday Night

This Friday, April 21st, at HQ Bar KSU sees the return of the monthly Ha Ha Hole, Busan’s only live English comedy show.


5 Korean Films Make Selection at Cannes This Year

Five Korean films have been selected for the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.


G-Dragon Announces 19-City World Tour

G-Dragon will take his show on the road with his third solo world tour comprising 19 cities, according to his agency Tuesday.


10 Second Korean: 별로 [ byeollo ]

Easy and quick Korean expressions!


34th Busan International Short Film Festival Gets Underway

For six days, fantastic short films from around the globe are back as the 34th Busan International Short Film Festival begins from April 25-30 at the Busan Cinema Center.


‘Endless Sunday’s’ at HQ Combines Beach Fun and Great Music

A new monthly event at HQ Gwangan combines an afternoon of beach fun in the afternoon and great live music in the evening.


Busan All White Party Returns May 27th

The third edition of the Busan All White Party is set for May 27th on the private patio of the Hard Rock Cafe in Haeundae.


Eat Like a Local: Wine Flows and Time Stands Still – BAR DI.LAN

BAR DI.LAN, name-played after Bob Dylan, has a great wine selection and food. With the relaxing and comfortable ambiance, precious moments you share with people there will last forever.


Korea’s Biggest Azalea Festival Begins Next Week in Gyeongsangnam-do

The Hapcheon Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival gets underway for a two week run from April 30th to May 14th.


Great Big Stories Releases Gorgeous Short Film on Jeju’s Mount Halla

Popular video documentary team Great Big Stories has a cool little short about Mount Halla in Jeju that’s worth a look.


Jeju Air Expanding Fleet to 32 Aircraft this Year with a Target of 50 Destinations Next Year

To meet rising demand for in South Korea, low-cost carrier Jeju Air announced that it will expand its fleet to 32 aircraft by December — the announcement coming after the airline’s 29th aircraft, a B737-800, was delivered to Gimpo International Airport over the weekend.


Asia Sailing Week 2017 Kicks Off Friday

Three great sailing events spanning 10 days take over the waters around Haeundae Beach beginning April 28th.


Global Gathering International Sports Day 2017 to be Held on Saturday

Global Gathering International Sports Day 2017 will take place at Norimaru playground in Seomyeon on Saturday, April 22, 2017.


E-Sports World Championship to be Held in Busan

The “E-Sports World Championship”, also known as the E-sports Olympics, is going to be held in Busan.






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