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2011 Mentoring Program up and running, linking Koreans and foreigners one on one

The BFIA's 1st Mentoring Program has really hit its stride after accepting applications from Koreans and foreigners until last month. So far, hundred and twenty people have set up a relationship. As mentors and mentees, Koreans and foreigners are connected one on one and the mentor helps his/her mentee to get used to living in Korea. The program will run until July and the participants will do various activities together including Korean lessons, support on adjusting to life in Korea and culture experiences. In accordance with requests by mentee applicants, the BFIA will continue to connect mentors and mentees until the middle of May. For more details, visit the Mentoring Program cafe webpage( This mentoring program aims to ease the inconvenience of foreigners living in Busan and help them to adapt to the community.

Reference: T.051-668-7904




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