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Raindrop Inlay: Focus for the Farsighted

Ready to throw away those eyeglasses? Raindrop Inlay now cures an ailment that what was until recently treatable only with prescription glasses.

 Presbyopia is a condition that people encounter as they get older, where the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects slowly diminishes. For years, the only solution for this common condition was prescription eyeglasses.
However, now there is a new solution that can allow you to turn back the clock.

The procedure is called ‘Raindrop Inlay,’ and Sojunghan Nun Ophthalmology Clinicin Busan is the first eye clinic in the region that is certified to perform this procedure. Each procedure is performed by Dr. Seung Gi Kim, the head doctor of Sojunghan Nun Ophthalmology Clinic. Dr. Kim is highly regarded among his peers, and many ophthalmologists from abroad visit him in Busan to observe him as he works.

Dr. Kim recently sat down to talk about this new and exciting development in vision treatment.

 Q. Can you tell us about Raindrop Inlay?

A. Raindrop Inlay is a relatively simple procedure where a small lens is implanted into the cornea. The operation is quick and requires very little recovery time compared to conventional surgery for presbyopia. It also minimizes side effects. A special biomaterial called hydrogel is inserted into the cornea and acts like a magnifying glass. It is widely acknowledged for its safety and positive results, as well as the fact that it is harmless to the eye and does not require any additional surgery.

Q. What is the difference between conventional lens implants for presbyopia and Raindrop Inlay?

A. A Raindrop implant lens is made with eco-friendly material. Its characteristics are very similar to the cornea, and the size is as small as a raindrop. It is also nearly transparent, allowing 99.7% of light to get in, so it keeps the cornea healthy after surgery and does not result in any aesthetic problems. Finally, the fact that patients can go back to their normal lives after only 10 minutes of surgery is another huge advantage.

Q. Will anybody be able to receive this procedure?

A. Like all other surgeries, Raindrop Inlay requires an in-depth work-up and pre-procedure inspection. It is not suitable for those who have thin corneas, dry eyes or glaucoma.

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Q. Are there any concerns with cataracts after someone gets treated with Raindrop Inlay?

A. The Raindrop lens is inlayed in the area of the cornea, while a cataract occurs on the crystalline lens, which is further back within the cornea. Therefore, there is no problem for the treatment of cataracts for those who have had Raindrop Inlay surgery. People who have both presbyopia and cataracts can even kill two birds with one stone by getting a multifocal artificial lens implanted.

Q. What is the prognosis, and how should the eyes get treated after the operation?

A. The most important time for those who have had Raindrop Inlay surgery is one week and one month after getting the procedure done. We must remember that the human eye is an extremely sophisticated and sensitive organ, so we must be careful no matter how simple the procedure is. Patients must follow post-procedure eye management instructions given by the doctor in order to get the best results. As always, it is a common rule to keep your hands clean and to not rub your eyes under any circumstances, as this could lead to various other issues including inflammation of the lachrymal gland and the eye lid.

Q. Any suggestions for those who are interested in this surgery?

A. If you are interested in receiving this Raindrop Inlay procedure, I highly recommend that you come to Sojunghan Nun Ophthalmology Clinic for a consultation and checkup to see which approach will work best for you. An in-depth checkup, which takes about two hours, is required to determine whether or not your eyes will benefit from any procedure and if they are in good condition to receive the surgery. This will give us the best chance to give you the best treatment for your specific, individual case.

For more information, you can visit the Sojunghan Nun website at or call them at 051-920-7788.



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