잠시만요 [ jamsimanyo ]


잠시 means ‘for a while’ as an adverb and ‘a short time’ as a noun. 잠시만요 is a little polite form of 잠시. It is used mainly for two purposes. First, in the way as ‘excuse me‘ when you want to get attention from someone, possibly a stranger, before saying or asking something. Second, in the way as ‘hold on please‘ or ‘one moment please‘ when you ask someone to wait a little.


A: Did you get an email from boss?

B: Oh, let me check. 잠시만요.

  • 잠깐만요 [ jamkkanmanyo ]  can be used in the same ways. But 잠깐 means ‘quickly’ or ‘a shorter time’.





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